About the Feels Songwriting Competition (2020):

The Feels Songwriting Competition was an initiative launched by Disrupción Records to inspire independent artists to channel their creativity through moods, rather than confining themselves to a single genre. To showcase the value of bridging distinct backgrounds and cultures, the competition featured four moods which were represented by a word from another language with no direct English translation: Fernweh, Kilig, Goya, and Shouganai. ​

In order to provide emerging artists with the resources they need to take charge of their careers and artistry, the label partnered with a range of organizations and sponsors including Berklee Valencia, Songtrust, Chartmetric, RAIDAR, Groover, and more. Disrupción also seeked to highlight the pivotal role of mental health in artists’ development and continued success. The label joined with Sweet Relief Musicians Fund to offer mental health resources to all participants and Shading the Limelight to engage in personalized counseling with the competition’s winners.

The winners of the competition were chosen by a diverse panel of experts including Brian Vickers (Music Supervisor, Walt Disney Studios), Jason Jordan (A&R Executive and Principal, earthprogram), and Marjorie Scheker (Licensing Manager, Warner Chappell Music Spain), among others. The  chosen winners included:

Fernweh: Bailey Gausling ft. Il Rosso, "What If You Fly" 

Kilig: Mari Dennis, "Always Yours" 

Shouganai: Kate B'mand, "Keep It Moving"

Check out the gallery below to learn more about the meaning behind the moods used for the competition.

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