Past Imprint Logos
About Disrupción's Past Imprints (2019):



Coming from Asia, North America, and South America, the Zòu roster was connected by the respect and fascination for Asian music and culture. The name "Zòu" came from the Chinese character "奏", which means "to play/present/perform", and it aligns with Zòu's core value of presenting exciting, innovative East Asian talents beyond genres that are currently dominating the market.

Zòu's roster included Joy Ginger and Serin Oh.

Copy of Zou Logo.png


ÆR means “air” in Latin, but also “honor” in Danish. It’s a simple word that conveys a lot of meanings, just like the artists signed to the ÆR roster. The imprint focused on artists that had embarked on journies of self-discovery, exploring the relationship they have with themselves, as well as their role in the world. With a light heart and an open mind, the imprint looked for artists that used their music to convey important messages such as environmental awareness, cultural appreciation, and personal growth.

ÆR's roster included ABØN.



TALA was created to be a home for artists who capture a fleeting feeling and moment in time. The imprint was born out of the search for a fleeting feeling. Instead of focusing on trends or genres, TALA chased after that feeling before a moment starts, before the adrenaline kicks in, or the lull before you fall asleep. The goal of the imprint was to encapsulate the feeling one wants to hold onto when it’s fading through time.⁣

TALA's roster included NASIR and Blame Game.

TALA Records Logo (OG) 1.jpg

Wá was an imprint that was started to be a home for artists who value authentic and genuine expression, reinvigorating the roots of Jazz and the essence of Hip-Hop culture.


“Relayin’ a message, fulfillin’ the needs of expression and revealin’ the roots of a jazz thing” Guru once said. WA believed that this freedom of expression had reached peaks in both Jazz and Hip-Hop eras, and Wá was designed to serve any fusion combining the impulse of those genres.

Wá's roster included Têtes de pois.

WA LOGO final-08.png