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Autumn Jones' "Neapolitan"!

The 20-year-old R&B singer/songwriter from New Jersey

announces the release of her new single “Neapolitan”

which will be available on all digital platforms on June

21st of this year.

The new track is a soulful laidback psychedelic song

that channels a nostalgic 80’s funk. In Autumn’s words,

“Neapolitan tells the tale of the anxiety, stress, and

the results of an over active mind that comes with being a busy adult.” 

The artist wrote the song as a reminder to free her mind and let herself enjoy every moment while experiencing the development into adulthood.

Autumn conceived “Neapolitan” as one of three singles

that will be released this summer. In this trilogy, she

shares her take on the challenges the new generations

face while allowing the listener to take a look into her

personal world and struggles. “Anxiety is a common

mindset as a millennial. Constantly giving and receiving

information at lightning speed has caused our brains to adapt into overdrive. Over the years I’ve tried to figure out how to maneuver through young adulthood. I have to constantly remind myself to chill out. This is what Neapolitan is all about”, she explained.

This will be Autumn's first release under a record label

contract with Disrupción Records. The team is excited

and honored to present the next chapter in Autumn's

career, she has a lot more to in store and her incredible

lyrics and catchy melodies will keep coming.

Click HERE to go listen!


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