AZUL TOUR - Retrovyzor

Venezuela, one of the countries with the richest cultures in Latinamerica, is

currently facing a humanitarian crisis without precedent. Thousands have been forced to leave the

country, families have been separated, and most don't know when they'll be able to reunite with their loved ones again.

Such is the story of Juan Manuel Fernandez, a Venezuelan songwriter, leader of the jazz punk band, Retrovyzor.

Juan, now as a student at Berklee College of Music, is creating art with the purpose of sharing his experiences as en emigrant. He's been recently signed to the Spanish record label

Disrupción Records, and is organizing a world tour with the purpose of helping Venezuela.

Retrovyzor has partnered with an organization called “Alimenta la Solidaridad” (Feed Solidarity), and created a campaign to collect funds for underprivileged, malnourished children.

The band is selling special T-Shirts through it's website and in each of their shows of "La Gira Azul". One sale will supply a month's worth of lunch for one kid in Venezuela.

Retrovyzor will ride "La Gira Azul" world tour through main cities across the American continent. All the way from Buenos Aires (Argentina), up through Santiago de Chile (Chile), Lima (Perú), Bogotá (Colombia), Caracas (Venezuela), Ciudad de México (México), Miami (USA), Boston (USA) and up to Montreal (Canada).

Spreading the message is essential for the success of this project, which is why your support is essential to our cause.

For more information, go check out the band's website:





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