Introducing: Parasol Entertainment Network

Parasol Entertainment Network, Disrupción's latest imprint, is a record label based on LATAM that focuses on developing promising talent in a wide variety of genres, with a conceptual focus on disruptive discourses for a still conservative society. Jose Antonio Agüero (CEO/Founder), Juan Camilo Sarassa (COO), Hiya Gupta (Head of A&R), and Ivy Lu (CMO) make up the label staff.

Parasol's mission is to strengthen artistic proposals with LATAM roots and to encourage the development of identities based on representative elements of the Andean region and its communities. The name Parasol is derived from the combination of two Latin roots, "pro ad" and "solis," and refers to the idea of being above the establishment and challenging our current society model.

The (yet-to-be-announced) label roster includes artists that fuse contemporary western genres with the aesthetics and cultural heritage of the Andean region. More information on the label may be found by clicking here.

Welcome to the Disrupción family, Parasol!

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