Introducing: Poetic Beats

Updated: Apr 5

We are excited to announce our new imprint, Poetic Beats, a South African based record label and entertainment consultancy, aiming to build a network of Southern African based artists, producers and songwriters.

Poetic Beats sources and trains a diverse group of local artists aiming to nurture the South African music industry. Founded on the value of ‘Art for the Soul’ Poetic Beats has been a springboard for new artists, introducing them to the small yet growing professional music scene in South Africa. Since it’s conception the label has been involved in the development of many Southern African artists, including Orah, from 'Orah & the Kites, ‘Umzulu Phaqa’ and 'Mel Mwevi’. Through Poetic Beats and the skills developed through the label, these artists are now popular in the local festival and radio circuit.

Disrupción is thrilled to support a label that celebrates the magnetic and multitalented artists that South Africa is so proud of. With a heavy focus on A&R and artist development, Poetic Beats aims to grow and fine-tune the repertoire of their artists, all while cementing their artists' identity as both proudly South African, and artists who create music which can be consumed on a global scale.

Welcome to the Discrupción family, Poetic Beats!

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