Introducing: Redgota Records

Led by Valerie Maybaum and Alexa Silverman, Redgota Records is Disrupción Records' newest imprint (sub-label) that was formed to discover emerging jazz-influenced artists from the Berklee College of Music.

The name Redgota is inspired by Berklee’s roots in the world of jazz (and it’s unmistakable red logo), mixed with the fluidness of a droplet, which in Spanish means “gota”. As Redgota seeks to focus on genre-fluid music from jazz influenced artists, the name perfectly captures the label’s unique roster aspirations. The Redgota logo features a red droplet atop a black and white lighter, one of the classic symbols of jazz artists and culture.

The label’s dynamic roster (to be announced) features artists who innovate their genre through the fusion of jazz-inspired harmonies, sounds, and textures. Click HERE to learn more about the label.

Welcome to the Disrupción family, Redgota!

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