Introducing: Way Up High

Way Up High was founded by Samuel Skold with the idea to shine a light on the often-underrepresented group of artists who are both Latinx and part of the LGBTQ+ community. With the addition of Jose Antonio Agüero Cabello to the leadership team, Way Up High enriched not only their care for the community, but also their knowledge of and experience in the Latin music market, as he has worked with a diverse roster of artists ranging from Javiera Mena to Eduardo Cabra.

While the identities of the artists are extremely important to understand and respect, Way Up High will never expect the artists to perform a certain way; they have full creative control to express themselves the way they see fit. Rather than looking for a certain genre or style, Way Up High is creating a community of artists who have common cultural ties and a sense of shared understanding.

The rainbow in the logo with indistinct shapes and soft edges is a nod to their aim to be a warm and comforting place for creative expression to fly. No matter who you are, where you come from, or where you’re going, you can always find a community, somewhere over the rainbow way up high.

Welcome to the Disrupción family Way Up High!

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