New Signing: Sara Neal!

Updated: Jan 24

Sara Neal, Jazz singer and songwriter from Seattle, grew up listening to Etta James, Victor Wooten, and Britney Spears. This odd assortment of genre has allowed her to explore and mash different styles to create her own unique sound which she calls singer-songwriter sounding jazz with a hint of neo-funk. At 17, Sara moved across the country alone to explore the plethora of experiences and lessons New York City had to offer. She ended up turning this journey into a sonic timeline through her series of solo albums titled “Book of Dreams,” “Book of Voices,” and

“Book of Entropy.”

As a Biology student, she uses

her studies as well as sound-color synesthesia as influences to create complex, colorful songs. While she focuses on composition, she has spent the last year performing with numerous management companies to play all over New York City, as well as a sold out show in Seattle.

Go check out Sara's music HERE!.

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