New Sync Platform Fusión

At the beginning of the year, Disrupción announced the launch of its new sync platform Fusión.

This new platform connects media producers, music supervisors, and directors with composers who have been trained specifically in creating scores for film, television, and video games. Berklee College of Music has one of the finest composing programs of the entire industry and because of the exhaustive preparation that these individuals have, they are ready to work with industry professionals who are looking for personalized music to synchronize with visuals. Fusión offers a solution to a big problem in the industry. Nowadays media producers are looking for more options when it comes to music for their projects, through this platform, the connection that takes extensive networking efforts is made in a matter of seconds. At the same time, Fusión allows young composers to get exposure and experience in the real world while also opening the doors for networking opportunities and career growth.

To connect with fusion you can click here.

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