rosewood.'s new single "City" out now!

Updated: Jan 24

rosewood., the Canadian, singer/songwriter/producer announced the release of his new single "City" which will be available in all digital platforms on May 31th.

"City" is the first single of the artist after he released his latest EP "The Sound of Leaving". This new track has a nostalgic feel with innovative alternative production and lyrics that bring the audience back to a place of self-discovery and realization.

In rosewood.'s own words, "I wrote the verse section when I was out getting beers with a friend actually. The idea popped into my head and I had my notebook on my so I decided to jot it down. It seemed to be a mantra of my life at the moment, a nice sum up of my trials and tribulations but also my joys. It felt like the whole big picture of my current state, the bad habits but also the optimism. Usually I can't write a loose verse like that and fit it to a song but I came home and wrote the piano riff and the rest came from there. I just freestyled the chorus and kept stacking layers and shifting stuff until it told the story through the music."

rosewood. will be releasing more music in the upcoming months through his first record label deal with Disrupción Records.

Click HERE to check out "City"

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