Swave is Disrupción Record's newest signing!

Mayani Swâvë, being the youngest in a family of 5 talented musicians, learned to pay the drums and guitar when he was a kid. Living in Miami, he found a life and mindset that shaped his life and musical style. He moved to Dominican Republic when he was 11, this relocation provided him with the time and space to become not just a musician, but an artist. He began to experiment with music, with acoustic compositions and songwriting. At 15, he met BreeZie from FADED Entertainment, with whom he recorded his very first songs. During this time of his life he learned about lyrics, stage presence, audio engineering and vocal training. By the age of 18 he was self-sufficient in the studio, he was producing, writing, recording and mixing all his material. Swâvë opened up his own studio, 'HTC,' and went into music full-time. His work led him to collaborate with Riccie Oriach from Naowa Sonique, where he developed his unique sound along with his band. At 21, Mayani Swâvë has two decades of music in his DNA. With the release of his self-produced debut EP "P! Nk," he looks to reveal the lessons life has taught him through his music to the world. The underground trap, indie rock, island dancehall mix that can only be described as "Swâvë" is what gives him his place in modern R&B/Hip-Hop.

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