THE PAUSE COLLECTION by Beezi & Shawn Goyer

Producers Beezi and Shawn Goyer announce the re-release of their first EP under a contract with Disrupción Records.

The two producers/engineers designed a home studio inside an old “party house” they lived in during college. All past tenants, such as themselves, hosted plenty of hangs ranging from bonfires, Super Bowl parties, record listening nights, and all-out holiday parties. With so many great & talented friends in and out of the house, many would be

exposed to the two of them working in the studio during any given night and decided to jump in and create with

together. This way, song arrangements began piling up between the both of them, and with such serious productions, they were faced with the choice of what to actually do with those sessions. The answer was simple, to put those collaborations out as an EP, which later would be named “The Pause Collection”. During production, we found that all the songs captured a moment in time of pure fun and experimentation with groove, vibe, friends, and happiness. That is the entire essence of the project - to have a good time and to enjoy themselves in the moment

of creating art.

BuzzMusic Magazine calls says "The psychedelic haziness surrounding the song with an infectious melody and danceable groove that seizes the moment is what I didn’t know I need at the moment! The song is just a celebration! It exudes positive elements and radiates a vibe of happiness. The vocals matched the charisma of “O-Town”. The vocalist doesn’t try to do too much but to simply let loose with their resonance the way the beat and rhythm of O-Town lets loose. While listening to “O-Town” you just instantly feel joyful. It has classic elements of early bubblegum pop that adds a 60’s & 70’s flare to the song."

The EP has also been featured in Elicit Magazine where the artists gave an exclusive interview sharing information on how the project was actually created and what were the inspirations for it.

Go check out "The Pause Collection" by @brian_zani and @shawngoyermusic HERE!.

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