VEVO's New Artists to Watch 2019

This week the well-known video platform VEVO announced their top artists to watch on 2019 through their new DSCVR platform! Here are our top picks:


22-Years-old British singer and songwriter whose single "Play God" was featured in the latest version of the FIFA video game. His particular musical style is influenced by political and social issues and he likes to throw in quotes from George Orwell in his songs every now and then.


17-Years-old American singer and songwriter whose Instagram videos called the attention of millions. He spices his very particular pop-style with some Soul and R&B influences that enhance the sound of his voice.


22-Years-old American singer and songwriter. Her hip-hop/rap style influenced by Tyler The Creator and Mac Miller has deeply resonated with fans. She is currently touring the US and working on new music.

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