What is summer whistle?

Summer Whistle is a songwriting camp that aims to cultivate a diverse, innovative, and collaborative songwriting and production experience which culminates in a collaborative album release.

During the camp, twelve artists from global top-tier music schools, conservatories, communities, and labels will come together and co-write songs that evoke a sense of community that arose despite the pandemic.

Songs written by the artists will culminate in a collaborative album. The album release date is planned to be at the end of June, the time when you can still feel the breeze of the spring and the warmth of the summer, like a whistle from the summer calling. There is a connection between this feeling that ‘something nice ahead is waiting’ with the expectation of the near future life after the pandemic. We want to remind the audience of the nice things that we have, that may have been temporarily forgotten during the pandemic, but still remain in our life: the laughter and the mint smell coming out from a street cafè, and the little moments in everyday life that bring us joy.






Prince Alexander

The client list includes Mary J. Blige, P. Diddy, and Luther Vandross.

Received 3 Grammy Awards and seven Grammy nomination


Liz Teutsch

Vice President, Audio Engineering Society (AES), Southern Region, Europe


Brad Hatfield

His musical compositions have been heard in movies such as Iron Man 2, and on television series such as The Sopranos, The Big Bang Theory among many others.


Pablo Munguia

Winner of seven Primetime Emmys Awards and one Daytime Emmy Award

Freelance producer and engineer for Celine Dion, Justin Timberlake, Madonna and others.


Jonathan Perkins

No. 1 hit on the Billboard Hot 100 with "Down" by Jay Sean, featuring Lil Wayne; six times platinum

Recent credits include work with The Chainsmokers and BTS


Rodney Alejandro 

Contributed to 4 Grammy-nominated and 2 Latin Grammy-nominated projects

full schedule

The First Artists Gathering! - April 11


Songwriting Session

Speaker Seminar with Jonathan Perkins - April 12 

Music Release Info Session - April 15

Workshop with Jonathan Perkins - April 21

A&R Workshop - April 22


Arrangement Session

Speaker Seminar with Rodney Alejandro - April 26

Speaker Seminar with Brad Hatfield - April 27

Workshop with Rodney Alejandro - May 1

Networking Event - May 6


Production Session

Speaker Seminar with Pablo Munguia - May 10

Project Feedback Session - May 13

Workshop with Prince Charles Alexander - May 17

Share Your Music! - May 20


Mixing Session

Workshop with Liz Teutsch - May 24

Networking Event - May 27

End of Project Hang Out - May 30

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